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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Producing Good Business Videos

More businesses are turning to video in an attempt to further market their products and services. And frankly, why wouldn’t they? Videos and other visual messages get a massive 94 percent more total views, and on the biological side, 90 percent of the information sent to the brain is visual. Looking to effectively tap into the power of videos? Read on.
Tell a creative story that makes people act. Videos are supposed to motivate people to share them. To do that, you need to tell a story that’s both crafty and informative—something that shows your company’s products, services, and staff as distinctive. To top everything off, you also have to include a call to action.
Have a solid concept. In lieu of the previous tip, your story has to be a distinctive one on its own. Social media expert Sabrina Cote notes that influential business videos always start with a solid concept script. After all, a good video wouldn’t exist without an idea behind it.
Ensure high production value. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll need a massive, Hollywood-ish set with all the most advanced equipment you can find. While some of the most popular viral videos may have been shot with a phone cam and have poor visual and sound quality, they’re only flashes in the pan. Consumers have been shown to prefer professional-grade videos anywhere, especially in the line of business.

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